About Us

Youngstart have been designing and manufacturing premium quality classroom easels for over 20 years. We are in constant contact with teachers ‘on the workshop floor’ seeking their advice and guidance to help us produce high quality, well engineered products that are both safe and practical.

We now offer a wide selection of whiteboard easels along with desktop and wall mounted versions, which are all available in a bright red or blue, high quality powder coated finish.

From the beginning of our existence as a company, our remit has been and always will be to produce premium quality classroom easels that “by right” lead the market place by example.

Our constant attention to detail has paid huge dividends, as Youngstart easels are now a preferred brand worldwide.

What to look for in a classroom easel?

First and foremost is safety. All our easels are built to the very highest standards to ensure the safety of the children and the teachers. A welcome by-product of this, however, is that all our easels are built to last; we offer a 10 year guarantee on all our products.

Secondly, it’s ease of use and practicality. Our school easels are designed to be as usable and adaptable as possible, in all classroom situations. Whatever and whoever you’re teaching, we have an easel to suit.

Above all, Youngstart easels are built to be long-lasting and worry-free so you can get on with the important stuff – teaching children.