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Returning To The Classroom

We can all remember the long summer holidays and how they seemed to last forever. Sunshine, freedom and time to do anything we chose.

Back to school with Coronavirus restrictions has thrown a dark and sinister shadow on everything.

Now more than ever teachers need the ability to teach children at a distance that is safe. Youngstart front of class easels are the perfect answer to the problem. The whiteboards can be positioned high enough for all children to clearly see no matter what distance they are away from them. The easels are also mobile and therefore easily moved from classroom to classroom, offering the school flexibility of where they plan to teach smaller groups of children. Youngstart easels have been supplied to schools for over twenty years. Many schools have one or more in every classroom.

We all hope the dark shadow we are all under turns into sunshine as soon as possible. Meanwhile life will continue to be extremely restrictive for all of us.

Remember wash hands, wear a mask and keep your distance. Most importantly Stay well.

Chairman of Youngstart – Michael Bowling (67 years old, afflicted by many ailments but still Thank God staying well)

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