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Overchurch Infant School

I am writing to say ‘thank you’ to you and your company for this great product. Having in the very recent past, ordered cheaper, similar items from other suppliers, we have found to our cost that they were of a very poor quality. Subsequently, they were a real danger for our infant children to be around and we have been forced to look elsewhere for a safe, good quality item from a trustworthy supplier.

We believe that we have found that from your company. Although they are quite a bit more expensive than others, we have learnt that you get what you pay for.

From start to finish you have provided us with a very efficient and helpful service. It has been prompt with all items delivered in perfect condition and ready to use. They are of a quality that surpasses any others that we have purchased (and sent back!) and their appearance is a reassurance of the quality that they are. We have found them to be very practical (as they are in constant use) and they have proven to be very sturdy and robust. The trays underneath are also great for storage.

The easels are easily manoeuvred and the lockable wheels make them safe for our children to be around. In our opinion, all you could wish for in a top quality British product.

We would very much recommend this as a premium quality, value for money item for any school.

As part of our whole school development plan, we have been implementing a ‘rolling program’ which includes the replacement of most of our antiquated classroom furniture. Six of our classrooms are already benefiting from the Youngstart easel but our aim is to have one in all of our learning areas which would mean purchasing another four. This would then make our program complete and your product will have helped us a long the way to enhancing our children’s learning environment.